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The ministry of human resources and social security organized the 15th awards and commendations for highly skilled personnel

Last year, an unprecedented number of fires devastated huge swathes of forest in the Amazon. Peak fire season is from July which some experts worry could coincide with the peak of the coronavirus crisis.



The highlight of the china-germany "joint rescue" joint military exercise on medical service is looking back

"Jiangsu fangzhi lecture hall" was opened in zhenjiang for the first time

The country's first joint venture financial management company landed in the new area of lingang

67194短视频在线观看:“So being a doctor lost some of its luster.”


PLA jinan military: carry out law education activities for recruits


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"The most beautiful family style +", add a new style of social governance

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Myanmar bidding and procurement

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Hubei soldiers for military knowledge: Russia's defense system

2020-07-07 13:19:57